Frequently asked questions
If you have a question, it might be here.
Question 1: How old are you?
I am 20 years old. If I am dressed down people think I look my age, when I am all dressed up in a modeling
gig people think I am 25 or 26.

Question 2: Is this really your website?
Yes damnit! I star in all the videos, I answer all emails and I even direct my videos!!

Question 3: Why do you do this? You are TOO PRETTY to be doing stuff like this!
I do this cause I want to OTAY? There are too many ugly girls out there who get to do cool stuff so I know I am
better than them so why shouldn’t I do it?! Stupid question!

Question 4: Who is filming the videos, holding the camera?
Depends. Sometimes I am holding the camera. Other times a friend of mine films the videos. He has been
a friend of mine since forever. And no I have never fucked him because he is gay.

Question 5: How did you get the idea to do this? Well for one thing I am an internet junky. If I am not at class, or not out with my friends or on a modeling gig,
I am on my computer. I love to surf porn online, I am a coinoisseur! After I saw the 1 millionth awful site of
a girl ‘pretending’ to have her own website I decided to make a real one, for myself. And here we are.

Question 6: Do you like girls?
Why is every guy obsessed with this? OF COURSE I DO. All hot girls love other hot girls. Period. My weakness
is blonde-haired college girls of course, silly!

Question 7: Can we meet in person?
Who knows? Some things I think are best left in fate’s hands.

Question 8: Do you have a boyfriend?
Nope. I swear I am so like a guy. I get boyfriends but then I get sick of them soooo fast. I need new guys to
get me excited. Most girls want to find a decent guy, hook him and tie him down. Not me. Give me new dick,
and make it a big dick with a trust fund lol!

Question 9: Can I be in one of your videos?
I have a great answer for you on this one: Maybe! Look the reality is I know alot of guys already, from friends
and from college. Enough of them are willing to do anything to get into my panties so I have no shortage of
guys to choose from. And besides, I prefer to fuck a guy who I have been staring at in my linear algebra
class all semester...and when I get him on film, all the better....I can pleasure myself to it again and again later!

Question 10: How much do you weigh? How tall are you?
I am 5’8” tall and I weigh 112 lbs, 110 of which are all sex.

Question 11: Did u ever have unsatisfying sex?
Unfortunately yes. I once knew a guy who was about 24 years old and from Dallas Texas. I don't know if it was just
some 'Dallas' thing but he had a small penis. I mean really small like 5 inches fully erect. He tried very
hard though, he always ate my pussy and rubbed his face all over there and he loved to lick my asshole. But
no matter how hard he tried his little pee pee just could not get the job done. I love when a guy eats me out
but nothing really 'satisfies' me like having full penetration with a hard, warm, wide, long cock that reaches all
my sensitive spots. I feel kinda bad for him, but he has his BMW 328i and is apparently pretty good at Lacrosse and
I heard through the grapevine he found a girl that enjoys his small package, so I hope at least he finds some happiness there.

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